Networkit our IT company: Sure, creative and enthusiastic.

We like and make fresh infrastructures efficient and cost.

The delegation of IT services  to an IT provider in Paris

Networkit Services, exists as IT provider to Paris Paris and Ile-de France. He commits himself to make known these emergent practices to small & medium businesses :

Cloud services with accommodation, secure and available.
The migration of data and communications facilities.
Digital elevation for all, of high performance and expert opinions .
The supports for companies Telework Sharing, and Coworking. Services to the card or Outsourcing 3.0
networking solution.
In addition to bringing more cash is also better management flexibility. An optimized infrastructure for competitiveness!

Besides bringing more cash is also better management flexibility. An optimized infrastructure for competitiveness!
Your IT service provider located in Paris travels throughout of Europe. Delegate the administration of your systems and networks. Our services include very small businesses, Small & Medium Business and Medium Bussiness. For over 15 years, Networkit Services offers IT maintenance solutions depending on your requirements.

  • Outsourcing
  • Maintenance of your systems and networks.
  • Audit of your establishment.
  • Equipment Financing with our partner DELL, HP, LENOVO.
  • Application’s integration, CRM.
  • Project support.
  • occasional maintenance.

IT service provider in Paris and the “Ile de France”.

Allow communications abilities to your team.

We provide with the experience of best practices, emerging solutions to an appropriate balance between investment and technology.

Earn a reduction in expenses by optimizing your systems:

Cloud computing.
Rise up in 3.0 based upon sustainable business:

Change management.
Council and management.
Secure your business:

Authenticate your access.
Secure your data.
Process large volumes of data:

Hosting in Big data
high performance algorithm.
Give mobility:

mobility solutions.
Telework coworking.
Suitable equipment:

equipment financing.

We give importance to listening to your needs, without intrusions. Project management is anchored to your needs. Our solutions are cost effective to reduce the environmental cost.

Paris IT provider, We operate in site and our expertise can solve and manage the complexity of IT infrastructures.

prestataire informatique à paris

Pour les TPE, PME et PMI

Solutions NETWORKIT© pour accompagner votre potentiel de croissance

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Découvrez nos solutions en un clic, rentabilisez vos intégrations, mise en place, gestion de projet et formations aux outils installés.

prestataire informatique

L'expertise informatique pour votre entreprise, n'a jamais été aussi abordable. Notre démarche privilégie la connaissances des réalités techniques et décodant un univers complexe et tentaculaire pour apporter de l'innovation, la sécurité, des solutions et des usages simplifiés.

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Dans un monde plus ouvert la multiplications des attaques touchent toutes les entreprises. Les équipements lourds et mal maîtrisés sont autant de portes à la malversation des données.

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Why choose “Networkit” as IT provider in Paris:

Available in your area, we intervene directly, we also have a remote maintenance service, Hotline, 100% effectiveness for solved internal IT problems . We handles everything.

Expertise on all the techniques since the early days of computing, a broad understanding for solved approved techniques. And sense of the service provider must have an IT Paris.

The good price, because we are never better served than by oneself, Networkit applies an expandable infrastructure that allows it to reduce its operating costs .

Innovation, reinventing the current trends of outsourcing and simplified thanks to the managements Paris Provider computer analysis tools.

Partners of the leading players in the IT market, we address directly with HP, Microsoft, Cisco, Apple, IBM, Dell, Palo Alto, Jupiter network to reduce margins.

Paris IT service provider

We apply our expertise as IT Provider Paris, to take over all or part of your information system. We can intervene in the context of migration, upgrade of computer equipment, service to reduce the maintenance cycle.

Our outsourcing contracts is suitable for your needs, to reduce technical debt, performed your infrastructure, automated staining backups and server administration process, we guarantee the proper functioning of the establishment of alerts, monitoring and after-sales services IT Provider Paris.

We operate quickly to restore operation of your business.

Take an IT Provider Paris has become essential in order to free up the time of actual work of companies that communicate. To devote to the main activities the necessary attention to leaderchip. We offer expertise, experience, complete control of complex IT environments, local or extended networks, with attention to administrative and security aspects.

Depending on your goals, either reduce costs or to upgrade your park, or create infrastructure, work on a computer breakdown, maintain your systems, accompany you on your projects, Networkit provides skills to give as IT Provider Paris, a value additional, IT benefits, including changing settings, and keep a high level of inventiveness so essential to corporate productions.

Security and Compliance

The computer in the business is inevitable, we must make secure and compliant, its foundations, its access and processing of information of your customers with the standards in force. It should also make faces threats, and also protect your information system, voluntary or involuntary actions of your users or third parties.

ISO standards are also available at a total legislative compliance, ask the information to IT service provider.

Networkit, IT Provider Paris, may do so and therefore tries to inform conformities degrees necessary depending on the type of activities of our clients. Networkit to philosophy as IT Provider Paris, not overcharged such elements, and taking into account the opening of this present contract aspect.Pour more information:

We work on the Island of France, many IT service provider intermediate size companies, SMB, PMI and Startups.